Helen Kuster was born and educated in England, emigrating to Australia in 1969. She was introduced to folk art in 1974 while living in Switzerland with her Swiss German husband. She first tried it for herself in 1981 while living in the Sultanate of Brunei, using materials and designs from Switzerland. Returning to Australia, it was back to work as a cartographic draftsperson and technical graphic artist. In 1990 she rediscovered the joys of Folk Art and started to paint at home, practicing on the furniture. In 1991 a trip back to Switzerland offered the dual opportunities to visit family and work with a local Folk Artist, researching in Museums and old homes.

Returning to Australia she left her drafting job and opened her own studio where she continues to paint and teach. Helen has taught at state and National conventions around Australia and New Zealand as well as giving numerous workshop. She continues to broaden her knowledge with trips back to Europe and America, allowing her to experiment with techniques and all forms of traditional and historical design. Helen has won numerous awards for painting and design.